Everything I Wish I Knew About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is confusing you guys.

If you remember or are currently having your first time pregnancy you know this to be very true!!
I am currently 27 weeks (hooray third trimester!) and have had a hell of a ride.
I thought I knew everything there was to know about being pregnant, I had advice from my mom, the internet, and a wonderful OBGYN, but alas, there were still weird and unusual things that I had absolutely no idea were coming my way. Things that when I told other women who have been pregnant were like yeahhhhh that does happen I totally forgot! I am quite the alarmist and love to turn to the internet when unusual things happen with my body. And pregnancy is nothing but unusual things happening to your body! You are growing a human, after all! That’s WEIRD.

I have yet to find a positive post on the interwebs containing some of the stuff I experienced so here is a list of completely normal things that I went through the first 2/3 of my pregnancy. We are all in this beautiful journey together, maybe at different times, and I want to give some insight to anyone who might go through the same stuff as me!


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This is for all the worriers (like me) looking for someone who is experiencing the same thing they did: things no one told me about my first pregnancy!

You might bleed your first trimester, maybe even a lot, and nothing will be wrong.

My first trimester was the most stressful 12 weeks of my life.
I spotted from my 7th week all the way onto my 11th, and then had a major bleed that really seemed like I had miscarried. I was entirely beside myself. Anyone who has experienced this knows how awful those doctors visits are, how they always end with “wait and see and call us if anything starts to hurt”. I always understood pregnancy to be the end of your period (duh) and for that to mean there is no blood after you conceive or else something is very wrong and bad. This just was not the case for me!

I say this only to encourage those mommies who are in the not knowing stage, not to give medical advice.
Always go to your doctor for any sort of concern or bleeding.

My bleed turned out to be a minor hemorrhaging around the placenta, it stopped literally right before my second trimester and never came back beyond the occasional light spotting from irritation. I now have a very healthy little girl in her 27th week! I was entirely convinced of the worst case scenario, slipping into severe anxiety and depression. Everything I saw on the internet only confirmed my worst fears when, nothing was wrong at all! I soon got to experience her first little tippy tap kicks and really fun second trimester heartburn!!! So keep in mind, that when all may look like the worst, everyone’s body behaves differently and every woman will handle her pregnancy a little differently. It does not mean something is always wrong! Trust your body and its knowledge to create new life!

Stretch marks show up other places besides your stomach.

I was under the impression that stretch marks for pregnancy are just for your tummy, and was entirely prepared for that. I was not aware that I would find these marks all over: my boobs, my butt, even the inside of my thighs…

Now let me first say: stretch marks are not embarrassing! They are a beautiful mark of your pregnancy and entirely normal for women to have!

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Out of all of the butters and lotions I’ve used absolutely none of them can compare to the ones by Spoiled Mama. I have been through at least seven different products from other companies that have done nothing when it comes to fading preexisting marks- none of them worked the way Tummy Butter does!

Using Spoiled Mama stretch mark products + massaging the areas that have marks is my tried and true solution for stretch marks!

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Morning sickness is not always in the morning.

Ugh. I rocked “morning sickness” almost every night of my first trimester. Dinner was a nightmare, to the point where I stopped eating meals and had to eat small snacks throughout the day (not really my cup of tea tbh, I like big ole meals!).
You might find yourself with sickness that seems to last all of the day and that’s just something you have to deal with BUT do not fear, it went away for me my second trimester and usually does for most!
I wrote a post with my favorite first trimester hacks that might help you if you find yourself with unbearable morning sickness. Find it here!

Someone, somewhere, will always have a problem with what you are doing.

This is a big one. This is something that is hard to learn, especially if you’re like me and want to please every person who comes your way, no matter if they know you or not.
Your body is your body.
You know your body better than any other person around you, even close family members. I struggled with having others tell me I was doing something wrong. I had people tell me I shouldn’t be drinking caffeine (which I obviously limit), I was shamed for eating a ham sandwich (which I heated up anyways), and I was even told I shouldn’t be having a baby to begin with (since I’m not married). When I got the flu, I had to take tamiflu, I had people tell me to wait it out and not take any medicine at all!
Best part is, all of these very nice and helpful facts were told to me by people who I barely knew! People who decided that now that I’m pregnant it is their job to tell me how to live my life.

You are in control of yourself.
You are the one communicating with your doctor or midwife.
You are making whatever educated decision you feel is best.

Ah, you can see I’m quite passionate about this one.
It’s because pregnant woman shaming needs to stop! I limit my caffeine intake to a few teas a week, my doctor said that’s ok! I heat up my meat to avoid listeria. My doctor says that’s ok!! I am having this baby because me and my boyfriend love each other and want to start a family! Don’t get me started on why that’s ok!!!!!
Be confident in yourself, you are going to be the best mommy and I know it 🙂


If you don’t like your OBGYN then find a new one!!

Doctors are not one size fits all. Some women like big practices, some prefer smaller more intimate ones. Some women go to their OBGYN a few weeks and feel like something is just not right. If you find yourself one of the latter, by all means, go shop around! These practices are very used to doing interviews with women who have specific needs.
I found myself feeling like I was an annoyance at a larger practice, because they had so many patients to take care of and I felt as though my problems came up too often. Nothing they every did was rude or mean or anything bad, a larger practice was simply not a good fit for me!

I always saw myself seeing the same doctor all the way through my pregnancy, and didn’t want to be switching almost every single time I went back for an appointment. My practice had six different, all very capable and pleasant, doctors but I wanted a more personal relationship with whoever would bring my child into the world. If you see yourself in a certain environment or find that your birth plan doesn’t seem to match what they want, then go check some other doctors out, get more opinions and make that switch if it’s right for you. They will entirely understand and it’s your pregnancy, you deserve to feel comfortable with your choices!

In reality, every woman is different and how she chooses to handle her pregnancy is unique and special! Your unique experience is part of your journey to motherhood!

I hope these will help anyone who finds herself on google at 4 am desperately looking for someone who went through the same struggles as her! I know I would have loved to have someone tell me these when I first got pregnant. If you have any tips for first time pregnancy, feel free to comment them below! Let’s build a community of mommies who want to help each other!

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