3 Products That Cured My Vaginal Discomfort

Women are amazing, let’s talk about that.

We successfully bleed out a few days every month, grow entire human beings in our bodies (!!), and then push those entire human beings out of our bodies!! 
Let’s talk about something not so amazing – vaginal discomfort
Upon getting pregnant I found myself with the most uncomfortable itchy and swollen vagina. It was a frustrating time of my life because I couldn’t have sex or even shave and it got in the way of exercise which is so so important to me. It was something that progressively got worse as I continued in my second trimester and I was a raging monster of hormones. 
I went to the doctor assuming I had Bacterial Vaginosis, which I had before, but was met with the unfortunate news that sometimes this just happens. Hmm. No medical reason. Just something women are blessed with due to a surplus of those monstrous hormones. My OBGYN gave me the general advice to wear pantyliners and change them frequently, which honestly didn’t fix much. I mean I get that there are uncomfortable parts of pregnancy you have to suffer through but this one seemed pretty fixable! In pure desperation I turned to the internet and was bombarded by hundreds of techniques from other ladies suffering the same problem…and there I found my relief! I now rarely have any sort of discomfort vaginally and if I do I know exactly what steps to take in order to keep it from getting worse. Through trial and error I found three things that literally cured my vaginal itch! And I’m here to share (of course, why else would I share with the world my vagina problems): 
Note: this post contains affiliate links. It does not affect the price you pay, just gives me a little piece of the pie for helping out. All my reviews are honest and unbiased and I will only ever promote products to you that I personally believe in!! 

Balneol lotion 

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This was a product I’d never heard of before until I stumbled across it in a internet forum from like ten years ago. But let me tell you guys: Balneol lotion literally saved me. It’s as simple as a cleansing lotion (it is typically used after surgery if you have itching). All you have to do is put a teeny tiny bit of it on a cotton pad and wipe down your lady parts and INSTANT RELIEF. It is entirely safe for pregnancy and you can use it however many times a day you want!! This kept me feeling clean when I had loads and discharge and cleared up my itch as soon as I put it on the very first time. It is semi-pricey but it lasts forever I’m still only one-fifth of my way through my first bottle. And you really are paying for the quality of this product trust me on this. If you only try one item on this list I strongly suggest it be Balneol lotion. BONUS: it can also help with hemorrhoids if you are like me and were blessed with all the fun problems 🙂 Purchase on Amazon with Prime 2 day shipping here

Garden of Life Probiotics

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These were suggested to me by a kind nurse amidst my distress. Everyone knows the benefits of probiotics blah blah but wait!!! These are formulated specifically for women! They not only replenish good bacteria in your stomach but also contain the two recommended bacteria for vaginal health. Once I started taking these I found several benefits including less of a smell with my discharge. Yes, I know. That is a gross thing to say but I know you have had this problem as well at some point! It’s an unfortunate part of being a woman. These probiotics are amazing to say the least because I was regularly getting BV for a few months off and on, but since I introduced them into my diet have been BV free for three months!! I keep them in the fridge since it helps maintain the potency of the good bacteria and take one twice a day with a meal. Available on Amazon Prime with one day shipping here!

Vagisil Ph Balance Wash

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This is a wonderful thing to implement into your shower routine if you have vaginal itch and sensitive skin. I found that other soaps were extremely harsh to my skin and seemed to throw off my Ph, especially if it had any sort of scent at all. Vagisil Balance Wash has a very light scent, but it has never irritated my skin in the six months I’ve been using it. I feel instantly refreshed when I wash out with it and it relieves itching, especially itching caused by excessive discharge. This wash is best applied by hand, not with a washcloth or loofah as that could have soap residue or laundry detergent that may be the cause of your itch. Buy here for a discounted pack of two.
Without these three wonderful items I may still be in the same uncomfortable situation I found myself in second trimester. What works for me may not work for everyone but as someone who tried and failed with many other products I wanted to share the best ones that benefit me! Let me know in the comments if you try or have other products that could help someone else! 
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